If you decide to move to Naples on the West Coast of Florida, and you are ready to become a permanent resident, you must seriously consider whether you want to live in a home or a condominium. For those that prefer having an uninhibited view of the Gulf of Mexico, you may want to consider getting into a condo that is in one of the many high-rises. There are several to choose from, some of which are very close to the coastline. Some of these are found within the Bay Colony complex. These high-rises have huge numbers of condominiums that you can purchase. If you want to live there, it may not just be for the view. Here are the top reasons that people tend to buy real estate in Naples Bay Colony.

Why These High-Rises Are So Much Different Than Others

Many of these high-rises have multimillion dollar condominiums. They will also have a penthouse that is located at the very top, giving you the best view possible. There are many high-rise towers including the Salerno and Trieste. There are several others, all of which will have properties that will soon be available. Although most of them are occupied, when you are working with a realtor that can help you, they can alert you the moment that one is on the market. This will enable you to submit your bid to own it. If your offer is accepted, you will soon have not only the view but all of the other amenities associated with living in a Bay Colony Naples high-rise.

What Are The Benefits Of Living In These High-Rises

Some of the benefits include being close to one of the nicest golf courses in Naples. It is called The Estates at Bay Colony golf course. It has a total of 18 holes and is a championship golf course at par 72. For those that are golfing enthusiasts, this will be one of your favorite destinations. Like all of the others in Naples, there is a membership fee that must be paid along with annual dues. If you are lucky to get in, which is difficult because there are only 300 members maximum, you will see why so many people have paid to play at this exclusive location.

Close Proximity To Northern Naples Businesses

Another reason that you may want to live in this area is the close proximity to some of the nicest businesses that are in Naples. This will include the gourmet restaurants, upscale shopping centers, and if you have kids, it is very close to schools. There are also museums, the zoo, and a botanical garden. This is good for not only children but also adults. You can also take part in kayaking, and all of the excursions that will take you out onto the Gulf of Mexico. People that enjoy spending time on the beach are just a few minutes away from doing so.

How To Locate The Best Realtor That Can Help You

If you do want to work with the realtor that can help you, there are ways that you can do this by doing nothing more than looking at their reviews online. Some of them will have star ratings which will indicate how popular they are, especially with clients that they have helped find waterfront homesĀ and condominiums. In addition to this, you will likely see many organic listings in the search engines for the top realtors that are doing well. Their success means that all of their clients have been able to get into not only houses but the many high-rise buildings that have condominiums that are available for purchase.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Condominium There?

The cost of a condominium is going to average at about $1 million. That is because of what you get for the price. These are large, usually around 2500 square feet in size. Penthouses will be twice the size, and you will also have a much better view high above all of the others. If you do want to get into one of these, tell your real estate agent right away. They will help you locate one that is precisely where you want to be. If possible, submit your offers as soon as they are on the market. If the price is not an option, then you will have access to all of the ones that come available, one of which will soon be yours.

Living in one of the high-rises at Bay Colony might be exactly where you need to live. These condominiums are exceptional, positioning you in an area of northern Naples that many people enjoy because of the shopping centers, restaurants, and golf courses. Once you can belong to such an exclusive location, you will see that you have made the right choice. You will be interacting with others that are just like you, doing many different activities, helping you to enjoy your retirement or find a much better place to live.

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